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You would like to have pretty, well-defined little feet, but that bunion on your feet is ruining your life? Or maybe your toes are not straight enough?

There are many causes of foot deformities: Ageing, excessive exertion, wearing tight shoes...

All this can lead to what is commonly known as a "tailor's bunion" and all kinds of other foot problems.

These coarse toe deformities can quickly become annoying, but fortunately, Varrazano Toes™ is the solution to all your foot problems!


These socks are not only useful on the toes, they also improve the general health of your little feet by optimizing blood circulation and relieving tendons and muscles.

Their soft material limits friction, preventing blisters and skin problems.

These socks can be worn directly in a shoe, or under a pair of "normal" socks to limit transpiration and friction.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves plantar pains
  • Properly separates the toes and prevents swelling
  • Soft material to prevent blisters and transpiration
  • Corrects deformations of the foot as well as bunions of the tailor


Material: Spandex, Polyester
Size: One size fits all (size 34 to 42)
Colour: Skin
Anti-irritation and friction

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